Improve your customer payment experience

Visa Sensory Branding offers your customers a consistent payment experience for their approved Visa transactions.

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As the payment industry evolves, consumers want to know they can securely use new payment methods. Visa Sensory Branding helps consumers feel confident when making purchases. Using sight, sound and a haptic vibration on applicable devices, it confirms an approved Visa transaction.
A smartwatch, a laptop, a smartphone, and a sales terminal all showing a circle with a checkmark in it and the word Approved below.

Discover the benefits to your business

There’s a surge in new payment methods around the world. Instil trust in your customers with a dependable payment experience they can expect.
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Gain a competitive edge for your business

See how Visa Sensory Branding can help you attract customers and give your business an added advantage.
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Less than a second in length, Visa Sensory Branding was found to signal speed and convenience.²
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94 percent cited greater favourability toward merchants.³
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Sensory branding helps to increase consumer confidence and sense of security.
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Visa Sensory Branding creates a more consistent payment experience.


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